What is the Oracle Identity Management OIM?

Oracle Identity Management products can be categorized in following  components,providing services of

  1. Identity/Access management,
  2. governance
  3. directory services

briefly i will cover the products of OIM

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM):

Its flexible architecture easily handles the most uncompromising  IT and business requirements  without requiring changes to existing infrastructure, policies or procedures. Oracle Identity Manager is designed to manage user access privileges across all of a firm’s resources, throughout the entire identity management lifecycle — from initial creation of access privileges to dynamically adapting to changes in business requirements.

It is an identity lifecycle management  software that includes provisioning, reconciliation and administration tools. Oracle Identity Manager comes as part of Identity Management and Access Management Software

Oracle Access Manager (OAM):
Oracle Access Manager is the only policy-based access management solution that not only provides heterogeneous platform support but is also pre-integrated with Oracle Fusion Applications and Middleware.
It is an access management software and recommended single sign-on solution. Oracle Access Manager comes as part of Identity Management and Access Management Software.

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Oracle Identity Federation (OIF):
It is a multi-protocol federation software, used to share identities across enterprises, partners, and vendors. Oracle Identity Federation simplifies the process of enabling a federated single  sign-on.
Although single sign-on (SSO) has an ability to reduce the need for redundant logins, mere SSO is insufficient for companies which must operate in a federated environment – that is, an environment where services must be shared with business partners while protecting those same services from unauthorized access.
so a federated environment enables business partners to achieve integration in the identity management realm, by providing a mechanism for companies to share identity information across their respective security domains.
EX: Mary can authenticate once to her company’s Web site, connect with another site and perform necessary tasks, without the need for any additional authentication at the second site.
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Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (eSSO):
It is an access management software which provides authentication and single sign-on across all enterprise resources, including desktops, client-server, and host-based mainframe applications