What is the digital asset management?

What is the digital asset management?


Oracle WebCenter Content’s digital asset management capability allows organizations to store, find, view, and use digital assets and rich media quickly and easily. Content, collateral, and individual asset items can be made available instantly in the appropriate formats for use on Web sites, in print materials, or in other programs.  Assets can be protected and controlled through rich and configurable access control.  Oracle’s digital asset management solution automates routine tasks, such as the process of creating multiple renditions, allowing you to effectively manage and appropriately use your rich media assets.

Digital asset management features 


  •  Workflow, version control, security, archiving, subscriptions, content conversion, collaboration, record disposition, and Web publication assets leveraging core capabilities of Oracle WebCenter Content
  •  Content check-in and accessibility from anywhere with Web-based and Windows Explorer interfaces
  •  Compression of content to decrease bandwidth demands
  •   Automatic categorization of assets for easy searching
  •   Quick identifying of files via automatically created thumbnail renditions
  •  Asset selection and download in one operation
  •   Secure content distribution – easily and quickly

Oracle Digital Asset Management automates routine tasks and provides robust functionality to effectively manage your rich media files.

  • Easily view and reuse digital assets: This is done via storyboard tree allowsimmediate viewing of specific video scenes.
  • Create thumbnails automatically to easily search and retrieve files: Increaseefficiency by allowing end users to find information quickly via searching for both text and utilizing visual recognition.
  • Save storage space and decrease bandwidth usage by compressing files: Savetime by significantly compressing large files and utilizing bandwidth more efficiently
  • Convert legacy images to Web-friendly formats: View older files without needing older desktop applications.
  • Reduce manual steps in creating multiple renditions: Automatically createmultiple formats of a corporate image or video and create additional formats on the fly.
  • Control access to corporate brand assets: Easily control security permissions surrounding access to brand assets. Manage only one copy of corporate assets.
  • Make corporate audio and video sessions available via the Web: Enable quick and easy browser-based access to presentations, recording presentations, e-learning files, documents, etc.

 Digital Asset Management bundle 

  • Image Management Application
  • Video Management Application
  • PDF Converter
  • TIFF Converter
  • XML Converter

How it Works

When digital assets such as images and videos are ingested into the Oracle system, a number of additional renditions of varying file formats, resolutions, sizes, etc. are automatically generated allowing users to download and use images without reformatting or requiring the use of native applications such as Photoshop for resizing and perhaps impacting your brand.
The original (native) file is available as well as other additional renditions that were autogenerated into jpg and png formats with varying properties such as size, resolution, color, etc. The number and properties of each rendition are completely configurable. Users can add the graphics they need to utilize and download.
When videos are ingested, renditions along with storyboards are auto-generated

Supported Streaming Servers 

For streaming digital video, Digital Asset Manager currently supports the following streaming servers:

  •  Windows Streaming Media—versions for supported Windows operating systems
  •  QuickTime Streaming Media—Darwin and QuickTime Streaming Server  version 10.4
  •  RealMedia —Helix DNA Server version 11

the following screenshots show some steps from configuring the DAM Solution

1-8-2013 5-20-07 PM 1-8-2013 5-22-17 PM 1-8-2013 5-22-38 PM 1-12-2013 1-51-14 PM   1-12-2013 2-25-23 PM 1-12-2013 2-27-08 PM 1-12-2013 2-27-48 PM

the difficulty of construction of DAM Solution resides on tools used and how these tools configured to work together

the tools list as following

  • Webcenter Content on linux server “the archive”
  • flb factory on windows server “the video conversion Engine”
  • SQL Server on windows server

you will need to mount folder on windows server to be accessible on Linux server and this is will need from you have a solid background on Linux to accomplish  this task