<NodeManager> <BEA-300033> <Could not execute command “getVersion” on the node manager. Reason: “Access to domain ‘myDomain’ for user ‘R040FFV7GI’ denied”.>

the credentials were generated during the domain creation and can be found in the Weblogic console at <domain> -> Security -> General -> Advanced -> Nodemanager Username

Instead of the default Weblogic generated Nodemanager credentials we wanted to try to configure a fixed name/password in the Weblogic domain and on each host.

In Weblogic console:

  • Click on domainname in Domain Structure (left menu)
  • Select Security -> General -> Advanced
  • Configure the NodeManager Username with weblogic
  • Configure the NodeManager Password with welcome1 (2x)

On each remote host:

    • Navigate to the folder %DOMAINHOME%\config\nodemanager
    • Edit the file:
    • Content should be set to:
    • Save
    • Restart the Weblogic Node Manager

how to modifiy kernel parameters at redhat

at installation of webcenter content some checks failed like parameters of  kernel

Checking for hardnofiles=4096; hardnofiles=1024.    Failed <<<<
Checking for softnofiles=4096; softnofiles=1024.    Failed <<<<


cd /etc/security

vi limits.conf

add the following lines before the end of file and save and restart the system


change kernal paramters





“Run-time error ’13’: Type mismatch at Oracle document capture

Error Reviewing Batches in Scan for ISIS / Scan for Adrenaline

Receive an error when attempting to review batches within WebCeter Capture (formerly Oracle Document Capture) Scan for ISIS or Scan for Adrenaline. Other machines can open batches without problems:


There is a registry corruption in the registry key:



This issue is fixed in Cumulative Patch 4 Patch:14538406 for WebCenter Capture 10.1351 in eco.dll (version 10.1351.0.1 or greater).  To resolve this problem.

  1. Download Patch:14538406.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Readme for the patch to apply.
  3. Reopen WebCenter Capture and retest the ability to open batches in the scan tool to ensure this problem no longer occurs.